Strategic Planning

Our specialty is writing public agency Strategic Communications Plans. We work solely with cities, counties, special districts, schools, colleges and state agencies to educate key audiences using the right mix of tactics. That’s what we do.

Crisis Planning

We anticipate the particular needs that your agency faces when an emergency strikes. Whether a natural disaster or one caused by the action of individuals, we can write a tailored emergency communications plan that anticipates any crisis or disaster.

Incident Response

When a crisis does strike, you need a trusted communications advisor that will ensure the public and other key audiences know not only of lifesaving information, but how to come together to grieve, to gather and to give – that’s what being in community is all about.

Executive Coaching

Public agency executives need communications advisors who know their business. The principals of SAE Communications know the business of public agency management and can provide trusted advice in a confidential setting. That’s the role we play.

Trending Issues

SAE’s work with clients around the country give us an in-depth view of trending topics affecting public agencies and educational institutions. We list several of the most recent issues we’ve addressed. Please contact us if you have questions.

We’re SAE Communications.

SAE Communications was founded in 1991 to help public and private entities prepare and implement strategic communications programs. Since that time, we’ve worked on hundreds of projects for cities, counties, special districts, state agencies, and corporations to:

  • Define communications goals

  • Set clear communications objectives and strategies
  • Train and coach elected and appointed officials
  • Implement effective communications plans
  • Anticipate crises and respond well when they occur

Our principals have extensive experience in numerous public sector program areas; this unmatched experience allows us to thoroughly understand the complexities of communicating public policy issues and services to key audiences.

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