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CAPIO 2021 Annual Conference

We spoke on “Creating Your Emergency Public Information Plan” at the conference. Here is a link to the handout materials discussed in the session.

CAPIO 2019 Regional Conference: “2nd Generation Crisis Response: Beyond the Basics”

We presented in Beverly Hills and Dublin a session focused on preparing for crises and managing during and after. We covered four main categories: Emergency Public Information Essentials, JIC: Beyond the Basics, Crises of Confidence, and Phase II of an Incident: Recovery. The materials developed for the conference are available at the links below.

CAPIO 2019 Annual Conference: “Top 10 Ways to Become Your Agency’s Communications Strategist”

The presentation at the link below includes our slides for this highly popular session that focused on how to become a valued member of the management team as your agency’s communications adviser and strategist. 

Articles by SAE Communications

We have written a variety of articles for public agencies and associations that serve public agencies.  We are very proud of these articles and invite you to click on each of the links below to read more about the issues of importance to public sector leaders.

Professional Associations

We recommend checking into the following public sector associations.  We are active instructors and contributors to the following organizations:

SAE Training Materials

Here are a few of the articles and materials we regularly use in our various training programs (please give proper credit to the various sources of these materials):

Resource Sharing

We’ve developed and also come across a variety of excellent materials for use by those who work in public agency communications.  Please take a look: 

Crisis Communications Resources
Social Media Policies
Strategic Communications Planning
 Requests for Proposals
 Presentation Tips/Training: Presenting Before Your Council/Board/Commission

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