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Executives in the public sector are under the microscope more than ever before: from elected and appointed officials, from the public they serve, from the media, from regulators, and many others. With the public’s near-zero tolerance for miscues, it’s more important than ever for senior staff to have a safe setting in which to strategize about what has or will transpire and how to discuss it in public. SAE’s sensitive, tailored approach gives these public servants the ability to succeed in nearly any setting.

This training involves working one-on-one with senior agency executives who are likely to represent the agency in important or sensitive settings, such as in a media interview, during a crisis, at a Council or Board meeting, during a public presentation, or other potentially stressful occasion.

During the session, the essentials of effective communications are discussed and we sensitively build on the experiences of the executive and review the issue or incident which is driving attention and the need to respond strategically.

We’ve also found it essential that the sessions be conducted in a sensitive, supportive manner, since we wish participants to be comfortable with providing honest feedback about issues or concerns.

Following the training and development of key messages which are on-point for the issue at hand, we conduct simulated television/print interviews as appropriate, critique the interviews, and then re-conduct the interviews as needed. Each of the individualized training sessions include two trainers and a video operator and last anywhere from one to three hours. The sessions utilize a television news-format camera, lights, and recording deck to conduct the interviews. A video monitor and replay deck will be used for immediate playback and critique/discussion. Participants will receive a copy of their practice interviews on DVD or via a confidential online link.

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