Incident Response

SAE’s principals stand ready to assist any public agency facing a crisis, whether it’s a “crisis of confidence” that is caused by the actions of someone within the agency or an incident of violence or natural disaster. If your agency is facing significant media attention or has a need to urgently communicate with residents/businesses, we will work with you by phone/email and will strive to be onsite as soon as you determine you need assistance.

SAE responded within several hours to the community of Seal Beach following the worst mass shooting in Orange County history when a gunman killed eight victims in a beauty salon. We worked side-by-side with the city manager, the mayor and city council, and city staff to guide the overall emergency response, from handling media from around the world to when/how to hold a candlelight vigil to helping coordinate the funerals for the victims.

We also provided immediate assistance to Santa Barbara County following the Isla Vista mass shooting. Ensuring the County’s mental health officials were equipped with comments supported with training, SAE also assisted with an immediate “road map” for the myriad of issues that required attention.  

Check Our Crisis Communications Qualifications and References Here

The needs of each community and region are highly unique and SAE can assist during these tragic moments.

Services provided by SAE include:

  • Strategic counsel: review the most important considerations in each phase of the incident and how to respond; staffing needs/assignments; setting priorities
  • Support agency leadership
  • Working with the media: prepare messages/materials; write comments; provide counsel re: briefings/logistics; conduct training
  • Explain how/why the agency responded
  • Help the community come together, grieve
  • Take care of the needs of business
  • Memorials, anniversaries, ongoing impact

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