SAE Communications provides a variety of, well, communications-related services predominantly to local and state agencies throughout the Western United States.  We have dedicated our firm to helping public agency managers succeed in communicating with a variety of audiences in a variety of settings.  We hold in great esteem those who serve the public and we are dedicated to assisting these managers to effectively target audiences, develop thoughtful messages or story lines, and deliver those key thoughts in the most effective manner possible using the right mix of communications tools.  We help get ahead of issues and we help respond well, under ordinary circumstances and also in the most trying of circumstances.

We have earned a reputation – from hundreds of projects conducted for a wide variety of clients – of being an extremely responsive and adept strategic communications consulting firm. We are known for a small handful of attributes:

  • We operate as an extension of your agency’s staff rather than as an outside expert who has “done it all before.” We recognize that your staff resources are often limited, and we synthesize your needs with solid communications principles to develop a plan and recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.

  • We are essentially a-political; we only represent organizations and we do not run campaigns or ballot measures. We do have, however, a great deal of political sensitivity and can suggest programs and responses, and provide counsel to ensure that your agency’s story is being told accurately and appropriately in as many channels as possible.

  • We have extensive experience serving inside local government as public communications staff. This background gives us a strong knowledge of internal issues, projects and responses that are unique to local agencies.
  • Our firm enjoys low overhead and a small staff. We do not try to be all things to each client. We formed our firm to craft communications plans and crisis communications plans, provide strategic counsel, and train government leaders how to communicate effectively; that’s exactly what we do every day.
  • Perhaps most importantly, our clients find us to be extremely enjoyable, casual and even fun to work with. “Creative, flexible, available, responsive, and resourceful” – these are a few of the traits that clients have noted about SAE Communications. Attributes of which we are very proud.

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