Cannabis Community Education

Local government agencies throughout California are grappling with the community impact of cannabis, and your organization’s credibility is at risk if you aren’t communicating effectively about this emerging issue. Regulations can be difficult for local government experts to decipher, and are confusing for residents and business operators who seek information.

Just as our communities have adapted to other new industries, the cannabis issue will become clearer in the years ahead; in the meantime, the public is counting on you to represent them fairly and communicate your actions efficiently. Cannabis is a frequent focus of news stories and social media discussion, and agencies without a clear communications strategy may be perceived as unprepared to make smart decisions.

SAE only works with local government agencies such as cities and counties, and we bring decades of experience to help you communicate your organization’s approach to the cannabis issue. Since we don’t represent special interest groups, we’re able to partner with you to help your audiences understand the numerous aspects of cannabis regulation. We’ll help your team identify specific cannabis-related challenges, develop key messages to be delivered via numerous platforms, determine audiences that are important for you to reach, and recommend a balanced mix of tools to ensure your community knows that you’re approaching this issue in the right way.

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